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Social Media Engagement is time consuming. If you have tried to build a Facebook Page but are wondering why you have no fans, when you have a lot of real world customers you aren’t alone. Creating a Twitter account, a Youtube Channel, Google+ or Facebook Page requires time and patience. You don’t have time to sit on Facebook all day keeping an eye on things, so slowly your existing followers stop posting, you lose interest and your page dies an undeserved death.

Our team knows social media.  Whether you want custom Facebook Page Tabs, a Twitter account, to start doing YouTube video’s we can help. A lot of experts agree that you should devote a minimum of 2 hours per day to managing your social media accounts, more if you have a lot of fans. Why so much? Social media is so much more than just posting specials, contests and funny messages. Social media is about engaging your customers, listening to what they have to say and responding appropriately, crafting messages and campaigns to get them to interact with your brand, and using your brand to comment and post on other companies pages or groups.


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Listen & cut through the clutter

Okay, so your Facebook page is a hit. You have high engagement levels, people are posting messages and pictures. They are tweeting you, blogging about you and posting on forums about you. Your happy! But, how do you keep track of it all? How do you determine what posts are positive, negative, or spam? How do you determine which posts to respond to, which ones to ignore and which ones to delete? Better yet, how do you know where they are even talking about you? Using a variety of technology our team monitors the internet for talk about your brand, products or people and creates reports detailing high risk and low risk action items, removes spam or abusive content where possible and engages you or your staff when a comment from a user needs to be responded too, and fast.

Take this example from United Airlines. In 2009, Canadian musician, Dave Carroll flew on United Airlines. While he was sitting in the plane, he was watching the baggage handlers load the plane. He saw them pick up his $3,500 Taylor guitar and throw it in to the plane, breaking it. Dave did everything right. For 9 months, he called, wrote, emailed, and talked to people at United and they told him to stop because he was not going to get compensation. So, he decided to take out his frustration musically, and wrote a song and video which he published on YouTube, which you can watch below.

Now, not withstanding the fact that United should have fixed the problem BEFORE it got to this point, this caused huge problems for United. ONE person upset with their brand, made ONE video and put it on YouTube. The video went viral and over 11,000,000 people have watched it, 53,000 liked it and 28,000 people commented on it. If United was listening properly they could have responded quicker and mitigated any damage. The damage? It is estimated to be $180,000,000 dollars. If United caught the video before it went viral (which took about 4 days), they may have been able to mitigate at least part of the damage. Can your business afford to have $180,000,000 go out the window because of one person’s actions online? We know that One2M can’t.

Let us monitor for you and mitigate any issues like this from occurring

Engage Them

Social media isn’t a one way street. Amongst the noise that is social media, your message needs to stick out. But social media isn’t a one-to-many marketing platform like TV or radio. Its a many-to-many communication where anyone and everyone can be a friend or foe of your business. Engaging users on social media involves them interacting with you in some way, such as posting a comment, adding a photo, asking a question, downloading a coupon or some other action. Social media allows you to use the friends of your business to market for you, but only if they are engaged enough to do so. Posting status updates isn’t enough. No one cares what you have to say, they are more interested in what they have to say. But how do you engage them? Is asking “Do you like our business?” engaging? No, because the user gets nothing out of it, you might get a few likes, a few comments but that is it.

We did an engagement test on one of our Facebook Pages. We asked a simple but relevant question, purchased $25 in advertising to support the question and let the ad run for 5 days. That is $5 a day. The end result? We engaged over 1,100 people in just one week.  Facebook fans went up, comments on the wall went up, and brand awareness went up. In the end, it cost us $0.02 per person engaged. Try engaging people on TV, Radio, or even Google for two cents.

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