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Search EGoogle Adwords Graphicngine Marketing can be time consuming, expensive and frustrating. If you have tried to run your own Google or Bing ad campaign before you probably banged your head against the wall, asking yourself, “Why are my keywords ranking so low? How come I am not getting click throughs? Why is my cost per click so high?”

We understand what search engines are looking for to have high-converting ads. Google Adwords alone has a manual over 300 pages long. You do not have the time to worry about learning all the fundamentals and advanced advertising techniques. You need to worry about running your core business. One2M’s founder, Kevin Gordon, is a Certified Google Adwords Professional. He has studied all of Google’s resources, written their multi-hour exams (yes. there are FOUR exams, each over one hour long just for Google Adwords) and been awarded his credentials. We have the tools and resources to manage your search engine marketing so can sleep easier.

We are so confident that we will give you $100 (Canada Only) in Google Advertising just to get started – no catch. That’s right, bring us on as your search engine marketing partner and we will credit your first $100 in advertising.


Before beginning a search engine marketing campaign, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you do any traditional marketing? If so, your online advertising should fit in to your existing brand and messaging. Search engine marketing is a tool to extend your brand and should fit in to your existing messaging. Otherwise your customers may get mixed signals.
  • If I was my customer, what words or phrases would I use to find companies in my industry
  • Who is my competition? Are they marketing on search engines? Can you find samples of their ads?
  • Do you want to target customers on computers, mobile phone or tablets such as the iPad? If you want to advertise on mobile phones or tablets does your website properly support those technologies?
  • Are you advertising to increase sales or increase brand awareness?
  • What does success look like? If you are looking to increase sales, by how much($ or %), if you are looking for brand awareness how much should traffic to your website go up? Do you want to measure success by phone calls? or in-store visits? Do you have a benchmark to go off?
  • What time of day or day of week do you think your customers will try to find you?
  • How much are you willing to invest in the campaign?

If you are drawing a blank to any of the questions above, don’t worry! Give us a call, we’ll come down to your office, meet you for coffee or lunch and we’ll bang it out. You aren’t in this alone, we are your partner to move forward.

If you think you have nailed all the questions above on the head, great! Let’s talk and see what else we can find.

Ready to begin? Read more about our methodology below.

  1. Give us a call and let’s talk. We’ll arrange a time to meet that is convenient for you. We understand that small businesses are focused on their business during the day. We’re happy to meet with you in the evenings and weekends.
  2. We’ll begin some pre-work. At no charge to you, we’ll research who is looking for your business online, what technologies you are already using and what your competition is up to. We’ll put together a pretty proposal and some numbers for you, including WHICH search engines you should be investing in to.
  3. We meet. We’ll go over the questions above, among others. We’ll learn what you are trying to accomplish, what your concerns are, and whether their are any obstacles to advertising
  4. We’ll take the information back and refine our proposal with budgets, schedules and submit it to you for approval
  5. At the outset we’ll need to do a lot of work to build your campaigns and research tactics further.
  6. Once your campaign is running it will need constant monitoring. Keywords go stale and stop performing (this causes your costs to go up), which need to be removed. Other keywords need to be added, some ads need to be rotated out, while new ones need to be created. Depending on your investment size, we will monitor this on a daily or weekly basis to make precision changes to get you maximum return on investment.


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